Thank you for enquiring about the Australian Shepherd
and the Miniature Australian Shepherd.  As you will see
we love all forms of the breed and hold no bias to any size
Australian Shepherd.

From a reputable breeder, the only difference between
Toy, Miniature and Australian Shepherds is size

Historical pictures from 50's, 60's and even the 70's show
that Australian Shepherds under 18" at the shoulder were
a naturally occuring size variety within the breed. Later
when the Australian Shepherd breed Standard was written
it was written to "prefer" dogs that were over 18 inches
but with no height disqualification.  In the 60's a select few
breeders decided they actually "prefered" their dogs under
18 inches.  These breeders decided that they would
purposfully selected the smaller sized Australian Shepherds
that were of true Australian Shepherd quality.  With these
they began developing the miniature size variety of the
Australian Shepherd that we know today.

No other breeds were mixed in to get smaller dogs!!!!  I'll
rumor many nay sayers would like you to believe as a
means of discrediting the breed!  It is childish.

The prefered height for each size is as follows....

Toy Australian Shepherds are up to but not including
14inches at the withers. Miniature Australian Shepherds are
between 14 and 18 inches at the withers. Australian
Shepherds are 18 inches and larger at the withers.

It is possible to breed two 18+" size parents together
and get dogs that finish at 18" or less, just as it is possible to
breed two miniature sized parents and get offspring who finish
18+" or even toy size dogs depending on how  genetics fall
into play.  None of our dogs are
EVER bred to any other
breed of dog exept an Australian Shepherd/Miniature
Australian Shepherd to acheive a desired sized!

Any puppy who has both parents registered with a
Australian Shepherd registry such as
CKC/AKC/UKC/ASCA, are eligible for registration
with the same registration regardless of the puppies adult
height.  Let it be known that these particular organizations
DO NOT recognize size varieties of the Australian

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Any litter that has even one
parent who is only registered as a Miniature Australian
Shepherd  with NSDR, MASCA or NAMASCUSA, is
eligible for registration with one of those as a Miniaturen
Australian Shepherd regradless of their size as an adult. They
will NEVER be eligable for Registration with CKC or AKC.


Australian Shepherd are a herding breed. They were bred
to work long hours in the field with farmers tending to and
herding cattle, sheep and even fowl. Because of this, Aussies
bond quickly to their family and make good companions
and watch dogs. The eager working attitude of an aussie
makes them easy to work with, but their high level of
intelligence means obedience classes are a must. As with
any dog, early socialization to people, noises, and
surrounnding is of the utmost importance.

Aussies may be alert barkers. As a herding breed it is
important to know your dog is not going to let a stranger
walk away with your livestock. So when anything out of the
ordinary is happening on your property, your Aussie will
bark, be the mail man,  the stray cat, the garbage man, the
UPS driver etc. Anyone who doesn't belong will result in
the family members being alerted to a possible danger. So
some Aussies may be less suited to appartment lifestyles. I
find my girls are more alert barkers than my males.

Aussies are very athletic. This makes them great
companions for outdoor enthusiasts. They do well when
included in activities such as sailing, boating, hiking,
swimming, skiing and camping. They thrive on being with
their family as often as possible.  For this reason Aussies do
not make good pets for non-active families. They also do
not make good pet for families who are active  in alot of
areas where the Aussie is not welcome, such as hockey,
ballet, churchetc. They do not like being left out. If you
expect to have BBQ's outdoors and lock your Aussie
indoors because some people do not like dogs, your
Aussie will be very put  out and is going to protest.
Likewise if you plan to have indoor gatherings.  In
other words they are a people dog.
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