Welcome to HHC Australian Shepherds.  Since the early
70's my family has been Australian Shepherd
enthusiasts.  It all started with a little Registered  
Australian Shepherd 16" Red Merle "Las Rocosa" bred
bitch called Hoskins Jigsaw.  Since then we have become
HHC Australian Shepherds. We are one of the original
Minature Australian Shepherd breeders in Ontario!  
Occationally we have Australian Shepherds and
Pembroke Welsh Corgis, our original claim to fame is
was our Miniature Australian Shepherds.

At HHC we base our breeding hierachy on 4 basic aspects:
#1 Temperment & Health
#2  Brains & Ability.
#3  Conformation & Soundness
#4  Cosmetics

HHC has  accomplished many "FIRSTS" with our
Aussies here in Canada.  But without Temperment and
Health, none of the after mentioned would be attainable.  
We  have been able to build a solid and strong
foundation into our breeding program that has afforded
us the exempliary dogs that HHC's Australian Shepherds
are known for!
HHC's Australian Shepherds
CKC #29 All Breeds as of 01-17-10
CKC #3 in Herding Group as of 01-17-10
CKC #3 Aussies  as of 01-17-10
Class win USASA Nationals 15-18 month puppy 2009
Class win Canadian Australian Shepherd Nationals 9-12
month puppy 2008
Res. Winners Dog Canadian Australian Shepherd
Nationals 2008
Best Puppy In Breed Canadian Australian Shepherd
Nationals 2008
Winner of the Canadian Australian Shepherd Nationals
Puppy Sweeps 2008 #7 Australian Shepherd in Canada
as of December 25th 2008 in 3 weekends!
HHC's Miniature Australian Shepherds
The very first #1 Ranked  Miniature Australian Shepherd
in RBCSWO. Also the #2 dog the same year!
The very first Canadian CH Miniature Australian
Shepherd. Also the Second and the Third Canadian CH's!
The very First Best Puppy in Group in RBCSWO
The very First Res. Best Puppy in Show in RBCSWO
Class first at the 2004 MASCA Nationals 6-9mth bitch
Best Puppy in Show and a Winners Bitch at teh 2014
MASCA Nationals
The # 2 MAS in Canada 2008
The #1 MAS Puppy in Canada 2008
The #1 Herding Group Puppy 2008
The #4 Herding Group 2008
The #1 Puppy of all the Rare Breeds in Canada 2008
The top 3 MAS's in Canada 2006
The top 3 MAS"s in Canada 2005
The top 2 MAS's in Canada 2004
Produced and Co-Own the very first BIS MAS in
RBCSWO History and at 7.5months!
Our studs sired:  the #4 & #5 in Group in Canada 2007
#1 & #2 in Breed in Canada 2007& 2008
#6 & #9 Top Puppies Over All in Canada 2007
#2 & #4 puppies in Group in Canada 2007
#1 & #2 Puppies in Breed in Canada 2007
#7 dog overall RBCSWO 2008
#3 dog in the Herding Group RBCSWO 2008
The very first Grand Champion MAS in RBCSWO and
The very first MASCA Grand Cahmpion in Canada
HHC & Tresrullah
Miniature Australian Shepherds &
Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Where quality makes the difference!
6541 County Rd 21
Alliston, Ontario, Canada,
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